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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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The combination of physical entrapment of fine particles and molecular sieving of contaminants makes zeolite a superb water filtration media and produces superior water clarity compared to regular sand media. Ideal for municipal drinking water, wastewater treatment and industrial filtration.
Turbidex ™ and Turbidex HP™ filtration media removes suspended solids down to 3-5 micron size and can take ammonium and heavy metal ions out of water streams.Turbidex ™ and Turbidex HP™ are used in a variety of water filtration applications from turbidity reduction in municipal drinking water to suspended solids reduction in municipal waste water to removal of solids and contaminants in industial waste water. Pressure drop, depth of bed filtration and contaminant holding capacity are superior to sand and most other types of media. In most applications Turbidex ™ and Turbidex HP™ can be regenerated by simple backwash or with saline regeneration.
“Turbidex™” and "Turbidex HP™" are trademarks of Hydro Source LLC.
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