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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Animal Products
Zeolite products have been developed to control noxious odors with horses, cattle, poultry and pigs. Safe, effective and more cost efficient than many other alternatives.
Our animal products include:
ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™
ZeoMax® Flow Agent Feed Additive
Zeolite granules can be used as oil absorbents. Since the granules are white, they can be easily seen when used to make dikes, barriers, or floor coverage around machinery and on shop floors.
Our absorbent products include:
ZeQuine Odor•Loc™
Zeolites contribute to a cleaner, safer environment in a great number of ways. In fact nearly every application of zeolites has been driven by environmental concerns, or plays a significant role in reducing toxic waste and energy consumption.
Our environmental products include:
ZEOLOC® SM- for water treatment
ZEOLOC®- for solid waste and sludge treatment
Zeoloc® 10- for solid waste and sludge treatment
ZEOLOC® KM - for gas stream and odor treatment
Soil Amendments
Zeotech makes natural zeolites for use in golf course construction, and soil amendment. These products improves water retention of the growing media, inhibits leaching of nutrients.
Our soil amendment products include:
ZeoMax Turf-Aid®
ZeoMax® Garden Aid
Industrial/Municipal Filtration

The combination of physical entrapment of fine particles and molecular sieving of contaminants makes zeolite a superb water filtration media and produces superior water clarity compared to regular sand media. Ideal for municipal drinking water, wastewater treatment and industrial filtration.

Our industrial/municipal filtration products include:
Recreational Water Filtration
Ideal for residential and commercial swimming pools.
Our recreational water filtration products include:
Zeobrite® Xtreme