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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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ZeoMax® Flow Agent is valuable in animal feed rations due to its unique mineral and chemical properties. Under an electron microscope one can see tiny clinoptilolite crystals smaller than the diameter of a human hair. If a tablespoon of ZeoMax® Flow Agent were unfolded, it would cover an entire football field. The molecular sieve and cation exchange properties allow ammonium ions (a by-product of fermentative digestion) to be absorbed and gradually released in the animal’s digestive system. It is also a pH buffer to help neutralize excess acid. It is used as an additive mainly for cattle, swine and poultry.

ZeoMax Animal Feed AdditiveIn the 1990’s natural zeolites were found to have mycotoxin binding capacity. Truly they are a multi-functioning component that can affect nutrition and animal welfare in many positive ways. More recent research has demonstrated anti-oxidative and immuno-stimulatory effect which may be the reason researchers have seen better performance in animals under stress from transport, new environments, heat, etc. with zeolite included in the rations.

The Japanese were the first to recognize benefits of natural zeolites in the mid to late 1960s. They reported prevention and curing of diarrhea, improved feed conversion, mold inhibitor properties and odor control of excrement. The Japanese researchers had similar positive results with poultry and swine.

ZeoMax Animal Feed AdditiveIn the present day, natural zeolite products are used in many countries around the world and in the feed of a wide variety of species. Zeotech exports to Pacific Rim countries several thousand tons annually. The zeolite supplement is generally fed at 5 to 10 lbs. per ton in rations for insurance against the negative effects of mycotoxin contaminated feeds. Rations fed for odor reduction and improved nitrogen content of manure generally contain 20 to 30 lbs. of zeolite per ton of feed.

Some producers consider zeolite essential for improved feed conversion, reduced bloating and digestive upsets and less odorous manure. In fact, some operations are now claiming nitrogen conservation in manure with zeolite in order to obtain environmental permits (19,20) and for sales of improved manure/soil amendments. Sales of zeolites in the United States for animal feed use has lagged behind much of the world, however annual sales are greater than 30,000 tons and are growing rapidly as feed mills and producers become aware of its benefits.

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