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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Zeotech Corporation Products - ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™
A Granular Horse Stall Freshener
  1. Zequine Odor Loc from Zeotech CorporationAbsorbs urine and locks in ammonia malodor
  2. Reduced respiratory irritation for both horses and humans
  3. Hooves and Hocks stay dry
  4. Reduces flies and insect problems
  5. This product has been tested safe for all animals
  6. Helps to keep bedding dry
Using ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™ is a superior way to eliminate offensive ammonia and other odors, and to reduce stall dampness safely and effectively. ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™ is an all natural, non-toxic mineral containing no additives, chemical masking agents, nor irritating or harmful substances.

ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™ ammonia and mositure absorbing qualities are excellent for treating urine-generated mud holes in your horse paddock. ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™ is also very effective in stockyards, farms, barns, kennels, stables, cat boxes, animal hospitals, research laboratories and other areas where odors are a problem. Simply apply to the odor source on an as needed basis.

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