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ZeQuine Odor Loc

ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™ ammonia and mositure absorbing qualities are excellent for treating urine-generated mud holes in your horse paddock. ZeQuine™ Odor•Loc™ is also very effective in stockyards, farms, barns, kennels, stables, cat boxes, animal hospitals, research laboratories and other areas where odors are a problem. Simply apply to the odor source on an as needed basis.

  1. Absorbs urine and locks in ammonia malodor

  2. Reduced respiratory irritation for both horses and humans

  3. Hooves and Hocks stay dry

  4. Reduces flies and insect problems

  5. This product has been tested safe for all animals

  6. Helps to keep bedding dry

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Ultimate Media for Sand Filters 

Keeps pools brighter,longer and Easier than Sand


 Treat specific environmental challenges in waste water streams, solid wastes and gas streams.


All Natural Soil Amendment and Top Dressing for Golf Greens


Essential for improved feed conversion, reduced bloating and digestive upsets and less odorous manure.


Helps plant growth by enhancing nutrients, soil conditioning, and improving soil moisture holding capacity.


Zeolite color granules are available for sale. Purple, Green, Blue and Turquoise

are available.

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