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ZeoMax Turf-Aid

ZeoMax Turf-Aid® is an all natural zeolite product that offers the following benefits when incorporated into soils

  • Improves the Cation Exchange Capacity of the growing media

  • Improves water retention of the growing media.

  • Inhibits leaching of nutrients.

  • Improves the texture of the growing media by reducing the bulk density to allow more physical space for water, air, nutrients and roots.

  • Is stable in the soil and ecologically safe.

  • Does not decompose, continues to work year after year.

  • Reduces the negative impact of high-traffic area.

A superior way to eliminate offensive ammonia and other odors, and to reduce stall dampness safely and effectively


Ultimate Media for Sand Filters 

Keeps pools brighter,longer and Easier than Sand


 Treat specific environmental challenges in waste water streams, solid wastes and gas streams.


Essential for improved feed conversion, reduced bloating and digestive upsets and less odorous manure.


Helps plant growth by enhancing nutrients, soil conditioning, and improving soil moisture holding capacity.


Zeolite color granules are available for sale. Purple, Green, Blue and Turquoise

are available.

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