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ZeoMax Garden- Aid

Unlike other soil amendments, ZeoMax® Garden Aid does not break down over time, but remains in the soil to improve nutrient retention.  Therefore, its’ addition to soil will significantly reduce water and fertilizer costs by retaining beneficial nutrients in the root zone.

  • Helps hold and slowly release valuable plant nutrients

  • Helps reduce watering by retaining soil moisture

  • Improves aeration of the soil and minimizes compaction

  • Improves strong root development

  • Is stable in the soil and ecologically safe.

  • Supports beneficial microbe activity in the soil

A superior way to eliminate offensive ammonia and other odors, and to reduce stall dampness safely and effectively


Ultimate Media for Sand Filters 

Keeps pools brighter,longer and Easier than Sand


 Treat specific environmental challenges in waste water streams, solid wastes and gas streams.


Essential for improved feed conversion, reduced bloating and digestive upsets and less odorous manure.


All Natural Soil Amendment and Top Dressing for Golf Greens


Zeolite color granules are available for sale. Purple, Green, Blue and Turquoise

are available.

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